DVR.Webcam: Dropbox Edition is a cloud-based DVR (digital video recorder) software for webcams and IP cameras. Unlike traditional hardware or software based DVR solution, our solution is built entirely upon Dropbox cloud storage. Our solution offers some unique advantages:

Cloud-Based Software
Use your existing computer or device as the DVR. No need to purchase or maintain additional hardware. Your DVR recordings are security stored in the cloud.
Easy to Use
Your DVR uses the same Dropbox account that you already have, and there is no need to sign up for additional account or service.
Secure and Reliable
Our solution stores recordings directly into your Dropbox account. Your DVR recording is secured as any files in your Dropbox account. No 3rd party cloud server is involved.
Cost Effective
With our solution, there is just a one-time software purchase, and no monthly cost associated with other cloud-based DVRs (excluding the low Dropbox storage cost). We also offer risk-free trial to the software.
Easy to Scale
Dropbox offers a 2GB free storage to any users, which is sufficient to get started with our app. Should you need more, you can simply sign up for additional Dropbox storage at low rate.
Easy to Manage
Our software will maintains the cloud storage for you and delete older recordings automatically. You can also manually manage your DVR data just like any other data files in Dropbox.