To get started, you only need a free Dropbox account and download our DVR.Webcam: Dropbox Edition software.

Dropbox Account

DVR.Webcam: Dropbox Edition uses Dropbox as its cloud storage, so the first thing that you need is a free Dropbox account.

If you do not have it already, you can sign up at

Your Dropbox account can be upgraded to more storage spaces. This allows you to easily scale up DVR.Webcam: Dropbox Edition installation.

DVR.Webcam Software

You also need to download and install the DVR.Webcam software. Your computer or device should have a built-in camera. Or, you need to add IP cameras into the DVR.Webcam: Dropbox Edition software. The software currently supports MJPEG/JPEG cameras (with H.264 support on the way). The computer or device running the DVR.Webcam software requires an Internet connection (specifically, a fast enough connection to Dropbox).

We offer free trial to our DVR.Webcam: Dropbox Edition software, so you can simply try it out and make sure it works with your set up.