How It Works

DVR.Webcam: Google Drive Edition is a cloud-based DVR (digital video recorder) software that uses Google Drive as its cloud storage. You install the software on a computer or mobile device (phone or tablet) that serves as the DVR station.

The DVR software is available on Windows , Mac OS , iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). , and Android .

How to Record?

The software supports the built-in cameras on the computer, as well as IP cameras on your network.

When in use, the software automatically records camera’s video (in the case of webcams, audio as well) and streams it over to your Google Drive cloud account. You can define X number of days to keep the DVR recordings in the cloud, and the software will automatically manage the storage for you.

How to View?

Viewing DVR.Webcam: Google Drive Edition is entirely cross-platform and web-based.

To view your DVR, simply visit website from any computer or mobile device, and use our online DVR viewer by clicking on My DVR.

There is no need to configure firewall or router for remote viewing.

Our Quick Start guide will get your DVR up and running in 5 minutes!