F. A. Q.

Q. Does the DVR.Webcam app support my IP camera?

Most likely. The app works with MJPEG and JPEG cameras. There is a search tool that you can access from the app to find the camera URL stream. There are many different IP camera models (even the same model might have different firmware), so we can't guarantee it would work on your particular model.

The free trial download will let you test your camera and make sure it works before purchasing.

Q. How many cameras can the app simultaneously record?

You can either use 1 built-in camera on the device plus a number of IP cameras. The actual number of IP cameras the app supports would depend on your Android device's hardware. Each camera added to the app requires additional device resource to run.

If you need to support more cameras, please consider using the Mac or Windows edition of the app, which supports up to 12 cameras. You can also run the app on additional Android devices you own.

Q. How are my recordings secured in the cloud?

Your DVR recordings are stored directly in your Google Drive account, and are therefore secured just like any other files on your Google Drive. Our website does not store or cache your login or DVR recordings.

Q. Where are the recordings stored on my Google Drive?

All of your DVR recordings are stored in the "DVR.Webcam" folder. The DVR.Webcam app will manage the recordings for you and delete older recordings to free up storage space. You can also manage the storage by manually deleting the files directly from Google Drive.

The DVR.Webcam folder is organized with the following structure: "DVR.Webcam" -> "Camera Name" -> "Day of Recording". The last folder "Day of Recording" contains all the recorded video segments for the camera of the day.

  • One subfolder for each camera.

  • One subfolder for each day of recording.

  • Files containing the video segments

Please note that the deleted folders/files will stay on Google Drive's Trash folder before they are deleted permenantly. Therefore, they still take up your Google Drive storage space. You can delete them permenantly by clicking the "trash" icon from the Google Drive account. This will show the deleted folders/files, and give you the option to delete them permenantly.

Q. How many days will my recording be kept?

You can set the number of days to retain the DVR recordings from the app's Options screen. To free up storage, the app automatically deletes recordings older than the specified days.

The default value is 1 day.

  • Set the number of days to retain the DVR recordings.
Q. Can I view the cameras live?

Recordings are stored in segments of 60 seconds each, so there is at least a 60 seconds delay.

Q. How much cloud storage do I need?

The amount of the storage required depends on the number of cameras, the encoding bit rates, and the number of days to retain the DVR recordings.

You can set encoding bit rates and the number of retaining days from the app's Options/Settings screen. The app can estimate the daily storage based on your selection.

The estimated amount is for running one camera continuously for one day. If you have multiple cameras, multiply the result by the number of cameras. Also note, if your camera doesn't include audio, the required storage would be significantly lower.

If you need additional storage, please visit your cloud provider's website, and upgrade the storage plan.

  • Set the encoding bit rates and get the estimated daily storage required.
Q. I have an unanswered question. Where to get help?

Contact us via email at support@dvr.webcam, or use the following link: