Take a look of what DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition can offer to your home security or surveillance need.

Continuous Recording
DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition records continuously, and you can set X number of days to keep the recordings in the cloud. You can run it on a spare device, or run it on demand on your main computer or device.
Motion Detection
DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition continuously monitors motion levels, and you can easily see the motion levels from the app's built-in viewer.
Multi-camera Support
DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition simultaneously supports up to 12 cameras, including the device's built-in camera and IP cameras.
Built-in Camera with Audio
DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition works with your device’s built-in cameras as well as external cameras. You can even add camera audio to the recording.
IP Camera Support
DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition works with MJPEG, JPEG and H.264 based IP Cameras on your network. You can easily add your IP Cameras using templates from the thousands of pre-configured IP Camera models.
Free Trial
You can try DVR.Webcam: iCloud Edition risk free. Just download the software and use it with the iCloud account you already have. There is no need to sign up for any website/services.