How to Add Built-in Camera (Apple TV)

Apple TV does not come with a built-in camera, and does not work with USB webcams. Please use IP cameras instead.

How to Add IP Cameras (Apple TV)

You can add IP cameras from your home network. The app currently supports MJPEG, JPEG and H.264 cameras.

Due to a limitation of Apple TV, you can only add up to 3 cameras.

To add an IP camera, you will need to enter the camera's access URL for its image stream. The app has a built-in search tool to help you find the URL. Simply enter your camera make/model into the search box, and locate your camera. Then, enter the required fields such as the camera's IP address, login ID, and password, etc.

If your IP camera is not supported, please contact us.

  • Tap the "i" Button

  • Select "Add New Camera"

  • Enter Camera Make/Model to Search

  • Enter Required Fields
How to View DVR Remotely (Apple TV)

You can access your DVR from any computer or mobile device using a web browser. Simply visit site and click My DVR and log in using your Apple account. No separate website registration is required, and no complicated router or firewall configuration is needed for remote access.

  • My DVR Online Viewer

The app also comes with a built-in viewer.

  • View DVR Recordings on Apple TV

  • View DVR Recordings on Apple TV

You can play back recordings from the current device, or from another Apple TV, iOS device or mac computer running the same app. This allows you remotely view live recordings. For example, you can use the app to do DVR recording from a mac at work, and then use your Apple TV at home to view it remotely.

Select the camera and date to view. You can also manually delete the recordings from the cloud storage.

The recording range slider at the bottom shows all available recordings for the selected camera and selected date. The green section indicates the time ranges when the recording is available. When the recording is not available (for instance, when the app is not recording), the section will show as white.

  • View DVR Recordings on Apple TV

  • View DVR Recordings on Apple TV

In addition, if motion detection is turned on, it will show the motion level at the time as a red bar. The height of the red bar indicates the motion intensity. To play back recording at a specific time, press the fast forward and rewind buttons to adjust the play position.

  • View DVR Recordings on Apple TV

  • View DVR Recordings on Apple TV