To get started, you only need a free Microsoft OneDrive account and download our DVR.Webcam: OneDrive Edition software.

OneDrive Account

DVR.Webcam: OneDrive Edition uses Microsoft OneDrive as its cloud storage, so the first thing that you need is a free OneDrive account from Microsoft.

If you do not have it already, you can sign up at Microsoft now offers 7GB free storage on OneDrive, which is sufficient for 2 days of continuous webcam recording with audio (or 3 days recordings without audio).

Your Microsoft OneDrive account can be upgraded to more storage spaces. This allows you to easily scale up DVR.Webcam: OneDrive Edition installation.

DVR.Webcam Software

You also need to download and install the DVR.Webcam software. Your computer or device should have a built-in camera. Or, you need to add IP cameras into the DVR.Webcam: OneDrive Edition software. The software currently supports MJPEG, JPEG and H.264 cameras . The computer or device running the DVR.Webcam software requires an Internet connection (specifically, a fast enough connection to Microsoft OneDrive).

We offer free trial to our DVR.Webcam: OneDrive Edition software, so you can simply try it out and make sure it works with your set up.